Garlic Development in Zone 5/6

lbolanz(z6NY)May 25, 2006


After lurking in this forum for several years, I finally have a small patch of very happy hardnecks (Georgian Crystal, Music, Sandpoint Rocambole and Persian Star). I planted them last year around Nov. 1.

The plants are between 19-30" tall now, some with 10+ leaves, but I haven't seen any scapes yet. I have looked for some benchmarks for my zone (Western New York by Lake Ontario, a pocket of zone 6 surrounded by zone 5) but haven't come up with anything solid to tell me when (generally) to expect to see scapes and also when to expect to harvest. Any advice?


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keithaxis(z4 Wash State)

I am in a zone 4/5 area and just noticed my Purple Glazier hardneck had the scapes coming out. It is the only variety so far of 10 varieties that show the you should be very close too. I also planted mine early november last year...I looked at my calendar from last year and it looks like I was able to harvest July 10...the garlic this year looks way more healthy though so I am not sure if that means it will grow a little longer or be done sooner..but so far so good..and it was great to finally see the scapes Monday....

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Thanks for comparing notes with me! I feel like a first-time garlic mom.

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gardenlad(6b KY)

Two points, guys, to ease your minds.

First, it doesn't matter when in the fall you plant, the garlic will ripen at the same time. Any time spread will be based on specific variety, not when you planted it.

Second, bulbing is a function of day-length. When there is enough light the plant will start to bulb. Thus, for any particular variety, you can expect bulbing at about the same time each year.

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bettsyy(z7 SETN)

I did not get my garlic planted in the fall this time but planted in mid march. They are starting to bulb (a little) but the greens are about a foot tall. Last year at this time they were taller and lusher looking so I am not sure what to expect. I would appriciate any advice....Thanks, Betsy

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Fall planted garlic has more time to develop roots. Because you planted in March they will have a short season and will either be small bulbs or rounds (single round clove). Rounds can be planted in fall and will produce a head next year. Small cloves are best used in the kitchen and start over in fall with cloves from big heads.

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This is my first time planting garlic. i beleive it is elephant. I split them and planted in April. What does this mean for me? How do I know when to pick? Do I put into storage until fall? and start all over again?

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