Shallot seed; planning for 2011

puzzlefan(5)May 26, 2010

I did plant shallots this year but would like to afford more. If I also planted seed this year, would I be able to harvest them in early fall and save them over to next year for planting. If I could I would have a much larger number available for planting.

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I live in zone 5, Western PA, and currently have my spring crop of shallots in full growth. I planted a few pounds of organic cloves as well as a few hundred indoor started transplats early in March. My clove plantings are starting to sprout bulbils right now. I figure I', 30-45 days away from harvest.

I will replant the seed starts in the fall. They will be single cloves. Over the winter they will do what alliums do - grow slowly and laugh at the cold. They'll be ready the following early summer.

I am starting indoor seeds now to suppliment my existing crop. These will be single small bulbs by August. I'll pull them and replant them in October.

I'm trying to follow Mother Nature's schedule. My "start from clove" plants are producing seed pods that would - left to their own - soon fall to the ground and start to grow. So, it's time for me to do the same indoors.

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I have also let few shallots go for flower and seedS.The flowers are very large,
larger than onion's. I am also going to plant seeds in the fall for next year.
As I have read in other threads, from seeds you will get a single bulb.
Then if you plant the single bulb in the fall, you will get regular shallots
with clumps of multiple bulbs FOLLOWING YEAR. IS THAT CORRECT?


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