Rose Dreams

JoshTx(8a)December 29, 2013

I had to share this with y'all! I had a dream last night, which I do remember my dreams often, that made me laugh when I was a little more clear-headed. My father works for the DOD and has many locations open to him for transfer. We've talked about moving to DC, Germany, and Hawaii. Last night I dreamt that my family was planning a big move, and for some reason I was relocating with them. I had just walked in the door to our house in Texas, and my parents approached me and told me that we would be moving to Alaska. Alaska?! No idea where that came from! I was caught by surprise, and when I turned around to look out the window, we were in a log cabin with snow falling outside.

I immediately panicked and my first thought was, "We can't live in Alaska!! My Tea, Noisettes, and Chinas won't survive a second here!" I started grumbling and complaining to my parents about it, and went outside to start moving the roses in. I started pondering how to keep the things alive, and came to the conclusion that I would have to put cotton sheets over them to protect them from the snow.

When I awoke in all of my sleep fog, I was still trying to figure out how to save them as I went about getting ready for the day. I finally decided that I would simply have to start from scratch and get the Albas and Gallicas I've always wanted to grow. Not exactly a bad trade off, I decided.

It wasn't until I stepped outside that I realized that it was just a dream, and I had a good laugh at myself. Oh, how deeply the obsession does run. Lol.

Have any of y'all ever dreamt about your gardens?


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No. My daughter has elaborately plotted full color dreams, though, complete with sounds, smells, and sense of touch. I think they say something about the imaginative power of the dreamer, your capacity is evidently of a high order. And as you say, your dream shows how important your garden is to you. I enjoyed it: thanks for sharing.

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

That's great Josh. I can see that roses are deep in your psyche. I had a dream once where all my garden flowers were talking to me and nodding their little heads.

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seil zone 6b MI

I do occasionally have gardening dreams. Usually after a very long day of pruning I might dream about pruning that night. Nothing so dramatic as yours though, Josh!

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Thank you josh, for sharing must be a very creative person! I don`t remember dreaming about my garden but....sometimes...when I have trouble falling asleep I count out my roses by name...starting in the corner until I fall asleep. I have 120 plus roses and I have never made it to the end of my vision. Much better than counting sheep! Lesley

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Frequently over my life span, I have found myself in wondrous gardens full of the most striking flowering trees. I madly search for seed pods and plot my return for when they are ripe so I can make that landscape my own.

Thank you, Josh and Mendocino! what wonderful dreams. I shall never look at my flower's faces the same way again.

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The first dream I had as a child that I can remember was of a garden I designed (in the dream). And I have a son who flies in his dreams, sans airplane. Now THAT I wish I could do.


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I've had many flying dreams (exhilarating and scary at the same time), but I can't remember any gardening dreams at the moment.

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Oh yes, the stress dream. You are going along fine and suddenly you are worrying about your plants.

I had so many dreams that the city, mean people, large animals, you name it... has plowed through my garden and damaged things. I have woke up in a start when I dreamed that my roses were uprooted or smashed flat by some awful force or angry person. The worst is when I dream that the pets are lost or sick or in danger. I really hate that.

Find out what is stressing you and tell yourself that you will not be overrun by it. You need to tell your mind or it will be giving you these dreams to let you know it's overwhelmed. Tell yourself that you will find a way to have a garden and no one will be able to threaten it.

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Classic stress dream, Josh! Of course, my first thought when I read your post was, "Oh, no! Josh's dad is NOT going to be happy with all those roses IN his house!!"

The stress dream I used to have (repeatedly) was that my university called and there was a mistake in calculating my class hours. My degree was invalid until I came back and took another 5 hours. Then I'd spend the rest of the night trying to figure out all the details I was going to have to take care of to get my children and horses and pets organized to spend 4 months in another city. I'd be brushing my teeth the next morning still trying to figure it all out.

If I dreamed about my roses now I'm sure it would involve rose slugs and their greedy chompers as I try to pick thousands of them off my roses by hand...scary.

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Keep dreaming Josh-----with your positive attitude all things are possible.


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Kittymoonbeam, I believe I saw your post before you edited it, and it was wonderful. I wasn't dreaming myself, was I?

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I thought it was too long and maybe too personal. Anyway, I really did have that dream and if I could, I would go live in that reality.

It's a rare thing to feel that you have seen your soul and I was so happy that mine was in a garden.

I wish everyone many happy garden dreams

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Your post was beautiful! The way you described your dream kept me captivated. You have a wonderful vision of a garden. I really hope you can achieve it!


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