forgotten garlic dug now, how to replant

gardeningwithbaby(zone 4 NE)May 5, 2006

2 years ago I planted a bunch of garlic cloves and forgot about them. They are in the middle of the herb garden and getting crowded out. I went out this morning and dug up most of them. They are in bunches where the cloves split up and made lots of baby plants. Now what should I do. I don't really want to put them back because the mints are rampent all over the place, and my DH tills the veggie garden and isn't too careful. So should I make a special bed for the garlic?? How should I plant them.


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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

I've never tried to move garlic once it's leafed out so I'm not sure how ultimately successful you'll be. Ideally, garlic likes to be planted in the fall in northern areas, have a few inches of mulch thrown on its head and be left mostly alone until July or later and tilling would make it really unhappy.

If you have the space, a special bed would be great. I'd recommend separating the baby plants and getting them into the ground as soon as possible. If you have any amendments available, garlic does well in well drained, rich soil so till in some compost and bonemeal if possible. Plant the growing cloves around 5-6 inches apart if you're using intensive planting - I don't use rows so I don't know that spacing - and water them in well to set the roots and get them going. Definitely keep the weeds away from them this season and see if they take off for you.

Since they've been disturbed and started life crowded, at harvest time this year you may end up with only a large, single clove rather than a head or a small head of garlic. Just cure them down and re-plant this fall and you should have a much better crop next year.

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