Advice needed for new to allium gardener

herbgal921(z6/KY)May 1, 2005

I've looked through catalogs and have fallen in love with the Gladiator Allium. I want them for cut flowers.

I have a very nice garden spot just waiting for something. :) It's a 12'x 20' and it gets good sunlight...the soil is good, not sandy or clay like. It's very convenient to water too! But I know very little about growing these beauties.

The information that I have gathered from searching is that they do not "spread" on their own. What do I need to do in order to take the first 12 bulbs that I would like to order and turn them into a full fledged garden? My experience is mostly with ornamental grasses and herbs...they spread on their own!

Is there any other Alliums that you would recommend as a cut flower...something showy and out of the ordinary.

Thank you in advance for any help that you might give me.


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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

My Allium 'Galdiator' did multiply. although not all of the new babies flower the first year. 'Globemaster' does multiply as well. The flowers get smaller in subsequent years. They do not like wet feet at all. Therefore, keep them on the dry side and definitely plant them in very well drained areas.

Allium aflatunenese & hollandicum 'Purple Sensation', moly,sphaerocephalon also make good cut flowers. Allium pulchelum and albopilosum might makegood cut flowers too, but I guard mine jelousy so nobody cuts them.

That said, last year, someone helped herself with 6 of my 'Goblemaster' that I intentionnally left uncut. :-(

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Thanks for the education and the suggestions.

Sorry about your "Globemaster." :(

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I planted a globe flowering onion many, many years ago on a bank which never became part of the garden and was abandoned to whatever would grow. What grew was onions - there are now maybe thirty or forty of them that come up every year and flower even though over-run with briars, goldenrod, etc. Each spring I promise myself to dig some up and move them to the garden - and then summer comes and I'm buried in things to do and the onions go and do their thing all by themselves.

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RickStacy(z6 Pittsburgh)

My Globemaster Alliums are about to burst into bloom, but the foliage looks terrible. The tips of the leaves are turning yellow and look like they've been burned. Any ideas?

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RickStacy - did you sprinkle Preen anywhere near them? They HATE Preen.
Does anyone know the correct time to divide? Mine are multiplying and I want to divide them this year.

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The foliage of the globemasters start to turn yellow and wilt when the flower is starting to bloom! I have read up a lot on these flowers and the only thing people do it plant things in front of the foliage to hide it!!!

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