Yellow Granex transplants bolting

tracymo(5)May 31, 2010

I planted some Yellow Granex transplants in April-ish, and several of them are developing scapes. Why would a transplant bolt? Do they tend to bolt if it gets too hot and they don't have sufficient water? I was gone from home for 10 days, and my neighbor looked after the garden while I was gone, but it hasn't been watered frequently.


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Onions bolt because they were exposed to too cold of temperatures while large enough to have the energy to flower. If a lot of them are bolting, you may have planted them out too early, or just had an unlucky cold spring.

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Yellow Granex is a short day onion, developed for winter growing in the deep south. They bulb when daylengh reaches 10 hours. Plant them in April and they already have the signal to bulb, since they are too small to accomplish that , they try desperately to reproduce ie produce seed. Yellow Granex was the original Vidalia Onion, today more tha 20 varieties are used but all are short day Yellow Granex look alikes. In Kansas you should be growing summer onions, probably intermediates like Candy but possibly long day onions like Sweet Spanish.

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Thanks, guys. I got the transplants from a local nursery, so I figured they knew what they were selling. I've also got Walla Walla, Yellow and White Sweet Spanish, and Texas Sweet. The only ones bolting are the Yellow Granex. Should the others be ok?


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The Walla Walla, which is a Sweet Spanish type, and the yellow and white Sweet Spanish should be fine in your climate. They should start bulbing in late June. Texas Sweet ( if they are Bonnie plants) will be White Granex and problematic. Any that start running seed stalks can be used as green onions/scallions.

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