When to plant top seeds from multiply onions?

jolj(7b/8a)May 19, 2012

I have Multiply clump onions with seed/bulb-lets on top.

I should harvest in June/July, when to replant bulbs/seeds?

These are NOT Potato onion, which I hope to find & plant this Fall. I tried to over winter some bulbs/seeds & they dried up in the box. So now I will replant all of them in the Fall.

I would like to know how soon after Harvest can I replant?

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I plant top setting onions the way nature does, immediately after the tops fall over to the ground.

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rxkeith(z5 MI)

you can plant right after harvest, if you wish, and the bulbils will start growing.
i plant mine in the fall when i plant my garlic. i use them to separate the garlic varieties if i have more than one kind in a row.


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Thanks, I was worried that S.C. summer heat would be to much.
I will try it & see what happens.
I searched this forum & found that pnbrown had tested walking onions in the South, so I should be okay.
Someone said refrigerate the bulbils until Fall, so I will try both systems & see what works best. I am glad that I can plant asap, the way nature does. I have used onions to to separate the garlic varieties too.

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I love my multiplying onions. I plant some topsets right away for summer scallions, lots in fall for autumn scallions and overwintering, and more first thing in spring. They really will hold that long when cured like onions and stored at room temperature! The bulbs set out in spring are still good as scallions when the others are in topset mode.

I also pull up the mother plants and cure them in summer, basically by throwing them in a pile in dry shade. (In my area, onions must be moved yearly or onion root maggots move in.) There is often a division that did not send up a stalk that harbors an elongated shallot. Any we don't eat can be replanted in spring.

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I move mine every year but have a few come up in the old bed.
I move most every thing, every year,even many thing can stay put for 3 years.

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This is some of my onions, with garlic & collards.

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