Does ornamental allium smell like garlic?

claysoil(z6 PA)May 23, 2009

Hi, I posted this question at the bulb forum and someone suggested that I post it here....which makes sense! I did a quick search of the archives right after the trade arrived and found one post...but when I went back to look for it again I couldn't find it! I hope someone can help me with my question. Are there ornamental alliums that smell like garlic???

I have some ornamental allium and never detected an odor to it. I did a trade for some more "allium" and when it arrived the sealed envelope sat in my kitchen for a couple of hours. When I got home, my house reeked of garlic. Several of the bulbs had been damaged in transit and the package took a week to arrive, could that account for the smell? I contacted the person who sent them saying that I had expected ornamental allium, not garlic. She is insisting that what she sent is not garlic. I know that common names differ from place to place, but when I did a search of the internet the information I found verified what I thought....that ornamental allium may have a mild onion smell.

Does anyone have experience with an ornamental allium that has a strong garlic odor? Or is there an ornamental garlic that looks like allium?????

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I have one in my yard that smells VERY garlicky. It's called Society Garlic. It gets a purple flower on it. Every time I'm even working near it I can smell it.

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

The stems and leaves reek of garlic! Yes, they do! But the flowers themselves do not smell.

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