Walking Onions

cassie6383May 30, 2007

Hi guys!

I have some walking onions that I have been growing for over 3 years now. The plants are huge, and very sturdy, very green, "walks" around everywhere, but I cant get the darn things to produce any good bulbs on the walking part. What am I doing wrong? - Cassie

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Do you mean the bubils that form on top? Some can be quite small depending on the variety. What variety do you have?
The bulbs underground also stay small. The onion is mainly used as scallions. If you grow them out to harvest the bubils, the underground bulbs willgrow to be about an inch in diameter. These are good for stews, soups roasts, etc.

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darlene87(z7 Wa)

By now they should have grown the cute little bulbs on top, ours do every yr. I toss away hundred of the bulbs growing on top. If you want some, contact me....I will send a padded envelop of just the top bulbs. Or else they go in the garbage, we just find them too hot to eat.

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