Question On Onion Seed Pod

bcskyeMay 27, 2010

This is the first time I've had an onion survive harvest and our cold winter in the garden. It is a Copra from Dixondale Farms and has what I assume is the seed pod on top. The pod is teardrop shaped and maybe 1/2 inch long. What do I do now? Does the pod open on its own? Do I need to snip it off and open it? Should I enclose it in a tiny cloth bag so that if it does open and sheds its seeds, they will be caught in the little bag? TIA.

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You can just leave them until they start to dry out, then put them in a bowl inside to dry completely. The seed will shake out easily once it's ripe and dried. I usually nab them when the oldest pods on the stalk open up and start dropping seed.

Copra is a hybrid onion, so it will not breed true - the offspring will have considerable variation in them.

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Darn, I forgot about Copra being a hybrid. Thanks for answering my questions and for reminding me that its a hybrid. Don't know if its worth continuing to till around this lone onion in the middle of my garden.

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Do you have just a single onion?
The size of the pod you've described, probably is a young one and it should grow to a diameter of
almost an inch. Then the wraper will be broken and the
onion flower will appear.
It will take weeks for the tiny floretts develope seeds and mature.
It is easy to tell if the seeds aremature
or not:
The seeds should turn black(inside the tiny wrapers)


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I have seed pods in on my onion plants. What do I do with them? I planted white and red onion sets. they are about 1 in. in diameter. I want to get the bigger onions. I was told to break the green tops over and that would help make the onions bigger. Is that true? Do I just leave them alone or what? this is my first garden experience so I am just learning. Please Help!

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Bending the tops over to increase bulb size is an old wives tale. Doing this will STOP the growth of the bulb.

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