Finding Ammonium Sulfate for Onions

tomatoeboyMay 3, 2009

I have searched several stores (Lowes and garden nurseries) in my local area that once sold Ammonium Sulfate but no longer do. Apparently the government is no longer allowing them to sell the stuff. Any ideas as to where to pick the stuff up?


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It's available at Dixondale Farms:


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grandad_2003(9A/sunset 28)

Just wondering.. were you wanting both sulfur and nigrogen?

Maybe my logic is flawed but I was thining that low sulfur soil makes for a sweeter onion (as with the Vidalia grown onions). Perhaps this depends on if one is planting long day onions or short day onions. Comments anyone?

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I found some at my local Agway. I was really happy to find it too! I complained to my husband about not being able to find Ammonium Sulfate and he said "That's because some people make bombs out of that stuff." OH!

Dixondale Farms does sell it, but for $19 bucks for 4 lbs! I think that's crazy. I got mine for $4 for 4 lbs and Agway is kinda pricy on most things...


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