My scapes are coming my scapes are coming...

prachi(6b (NJ))May 29, 2013

***EDIT: Ok nevermind I found my answer in another post.... I will wait till they are a 1 foot or curled over then will cut and will wait 3 weeks (i.e. 20days) to harvest.***

Ok yes I'm a newbie... so looks like my scapes are coming right? BTW these are german red toch garlic... I have read on the forum that I can harvest my garlic approximately 20 days after they appear... so do I wait 20 days from today... I was going to cut them off (as I understand it will keep my garlic bulbs bigger).Should I let them get a bit bigger???

I am so excited! (if you couldn't tell).

Thanks (and sorry for my annoying post)

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Yes that's a scape! I pick mine when they are about 18" long, but 12" is fine also. I never heard of the rule to harvest the bulbs three weeks after the scapes appear - that would be a bit early for me. Best to harvest when about half of the leaves are yellow/brown but you still have 3-4 leaves that are mostly green.


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