Zone 5 Help Needed

rjlinvaDecember 23, 2011


I garden in zone 7, but I am considering bringing some roses to my family in zone 5 (Cleveland, OH). Can anyone comment on the following roses?

Ruth's German Steeple

Arcata Pink Globe


Blue Magenta

My feeling is that these will be winter hardy and relatively disease resistent without a spray program.

Thanks in advance, Robert

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I planted Arcate Pink Globe last summer. It grew, and grew and then, just for fun, grew some more. Even produced some lovely pink blossoms

It is, or is believed to be, a hybrid setigira, and as such should be hardy in zone 5. I will know next spring if it survived the winter, which so far has been a zone 6 winter, with lowest temp at 12F so far, and no snow. So far, it seems to be quite free from disease, even in a wet summer like we had.

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I'll be really interested to see how these do in Zone 5. I love "Arcata Pink Globe" and "Ruth's Steeple Rose". APG is a hybrid setigera, so it should do well. You know how much I love this rose. RSR, a hybrid china, hasn't shown any winter damage here at all ... I'm a cold zone 7a, so this probably isn't applicable in your case, tho.

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Bleu Magenta has lots of die-off here. I've seen it bloom once. I've been trying rosa setigera hybrids for years-lots of cane loss, so my experiment with those types is over.
I've heard Arcata pink Globe can be tough. So is American Pillar.
I tried an idea I've had last year. I've had too much cane loss to have a successful climber here, but I'll get some blooms on Dr. Van Fleet. So I planted a repeat blooming wichurana hybrid last year. Forget which one.
It did all right, because repeat bloomers bloom on new growth.
Is Cleveland windy? It is the wind, not the temps, that kills the canes.

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