Garlic is sending up scapes!

glane1219(northern OK.)May 2, 2005

Hi, Went looking at the garlic and onions today. Both the Elephant and Maitake Garlic is just starting to send up scapes here, and digging down to check on the progress of the bulbs show the maitake to already be sizeing up nicely.

Now comes the waiting to harvest.


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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Removing the scapes is important at this time.

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heidi41(z5 Mass)

Yes, I admit that I am new to garlic....What are scrapes,Is it possibly a roundish thick "stem" coming up from the bulb. Boy do I feel foolish......Heidi

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garliclady(z7 NC)

Yes it is . It is best to wait for it to start curling before breaking it off . I break mine when they look like shepherd hooks and not completely curled.

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Do you cut the scapes at the top by the flower or at the bottom?

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Cut the scapes where it meets the top leaves. Douing so, will send energy back to growing the bulb.
If you don't cut the scape off, the bulb will be about a third of the size it could be.
BTW, you can cook the scape! Depending on the varietie, the flavor could be as strong as a clove it's self.

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Had no idea what you guys were talking about . Scapes !!! I thought the stem of the garlic that curled and grew the beautiful round ball (flower) was there for a reason . Have grown garlic for 50 years , and never cut that off! I am shocked ,, what else will I learn on this site. I'll tell you guys one thing , that shepards hook stalk with the brown blossom on the end , is magnificent in a dried arrangement ! When you have company , everyone knows you love garlic! Oh bye the way , I freeze the excess garlic from one season to the next , just cut it off the stalk and put in Tupperware with the lid on and stick it in the freezer. Simple and so easy to grab what you need , wash and cut it up as you need it . Love this site , can't get away from it . Carry on Garlic Lovers ! Leta

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