New Garlic Shoots - New to Growing Garlic

ca_cherry_growerMay 3, 2011

I live in Central California. I planted a big patch of Garlic this past January. Everything looked normal and the plants grew well. I noticed however, that new growth is coming out near the bottom of the stalks. There are multiple skinny looking stalks growing up around the old stalks. Is this normal?

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January is a bit too late to be planting garlic here in California. You should have planted them in September or October.

Sometimes very large cloves are actually "siamese twins" and they will have two sets of foliage. I am growing Korean Red which seems to have that characteristic more than the others I grow.

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Thanks for the info! Is there anything I need to do or just leave the shoots? I hope I still get good garlic being I planted them too late in January.

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