No weeds?!?

thorspippi(z9/s14 CA Sacramento)May 19, 2005

I have my elephant garlic planted in a raised bed. I only planted maybe 10. So most of those beds are empty. Except for the weeds. Scarlet pimpernel, some kind of cut leaf geranium, something else I can't identify and a bit of wild ginger.

HOWEVER.... there's not a single weed near the elephants...

How did that happen?? Is it allelopathic (sp)?

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Hey, it must be! I learned years ago to keep Preen away from my Alliums because Preen makes the leaves shrivel up and go away and it doesn't bloom. So I don't use Preen anymore but there are no weeds anymore either. Must be something to your theory.

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garliclady(z7 NC)

After 10 years of growing elephant I still have plenty of weeds growing in my elephant garlic and other type beds.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

I've got only a few weeds in mine, but most are not growing due to the leaving of dead oak leaves as a mulch in the area. Preen, although it has fertilizers too, may be a bit too much for the garlic. I used corn gluten in my whole asparagus patch and adjoining garlic and onion patches. The garlic area, for several years prior to last was only used for growing the walking onions I plant every fall. These are huge right now as I use a different fertilizer as well as the corn gluten from last fall and early this spring. The corn gluten is supposed to break down and leave nitrogen. Its not prevented dill seeds from sprouting in the same area however, but most other weeds are a lot less noticable and easy to remove.

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