Onions self sowed, now what?

maggie_berry(z6CT)May 17, 2009

I have been growing onions in the same area for about three years. This year I changed the location of my onion bed. Today, I noticed that hundreds of onions must have self sowed. They are clumped together. I pulled a few up to make sure they were onions and they had a little bulb! What should I do now? Is it to late to seperate the groups and transplant them?

Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Thank You!

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I would think you could transplant them. But not sure how big they will get.

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Odalaigh, Thank You for your input, I was wondering...
If this happens again what should I do?
How would you have handled the situation from the start?
Would you have transplanted them when they were very little,
or are self sowed seed onions naturally very small?


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