So I want to grow clearance shelf onion starts for spring onions

plantslayer(8)June 20, 2012

Hello everyone,

After growing scallions to somewhat mixed effects, I think I want to try growing more robust bulbing onions, and simply harvesting them early as green onions. A neighbor in my community garden told me that at some point in the past few months she bought some Walla-Walla onion starts really cheap (like $1 for 50-100 individual onions) off of a clearance shelf at a local nursery. I was wondering two things:

1) When are these likely to be on clearance

2) If I just want some nice spring onions (don't care about them bulbing), will transplanting them in late summer or early fall into my plot produce decent spring onions by winter time, or perhaps in the spring after the plants overwinter? I don't think we get hard freezes until November here in Seattle, usually not even that early IIRC.

Thanks for yuor help!

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Because I am NO expert on onion growing, you will need to search this site further on subjects like sets versus seed, or scallions, or bunching green.

I did read on this site that in general the sets are better for spring green onions, and the ones that don't get eaten can be dried and used thru winter as cooking onions. And that starting from seed gives a larger and better storage onion (did for me). Lots of excellent reading and info here, have fun!

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