Onions or Leeks !?!

JoanofPa(z6 Pa)June 12, 2006

This may be the stupidest thing you ever read or the stupidest I ever wrote!

Last fall I planted seeds and I can't tell if they are onions or leeks, is there a way to tell?

The leeks seed packet is open, the onion is not - the stalks are tall and strong not like onions I've raised and they have little bulbets on top now.

Help???? and thanks!!!!!!

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pdxjules(8, Portland, OR)

While seedlings are very small it is very hard to tell. If yours are that big, they are leek if they have wide flat leaves around a round base stalk. If so, cut and eat the scape and consider mounding soil around the base to blanch the lower stem.

The open / unoopened package might be the main clue!

After the look-alike seedling stage, Onions will probably have a round stem - is this right friends? Cut the scapes to eat the greens - and use any spicy bulbils that have formed (still green & fresh) on Salads or as you would Capers. Or you can try planting them for Scallions, and possibly still get onions the following year, if you sut greens instead of pull plants. If the stem wants to die back, quit watering and let it, then harvest the onion. Maybe sooner, if the bulb looks done, or has has pushed above ground. Enjoy!

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JoanofPa(z6 Pa)

Thanks to pdx from Portland, my son lives there and I love the whole area, great growing conditions!
Well the flat stems are garlic, and we just had tons of rain so perhaps they will rot from what I read.

The others have the scapes growing and I do not think they are leeks, I believe I put in seed for spring onion the fall before. I pulled one up and since last fall they are only about as big as a quater around with brown "skin".
Shall I just use them as spring onion? I believe I should plant the scapes, is that correct? Thanks to you

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newbirdman(7 b NJ)

If they had large purple flowers then they are leeks . Rick

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