Planting garlic zone 5

goldenbuckeye(5/6 OH)June 23, 2008

I want to plant elephant garlic. When should I do this in zone 5?

Thanks in advance for your info.


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bloosquall(Wa 6)

Rosie, A good rule of thumb is to plant garlic a month before your ground freezes. that gives it time to grow some roots and get established before the cold sets in. I think Ohio gets colder earlier than Wa so I'd say get to planting in the first week of October and have at least eight inches of straw on top.

Maybe somebody from Ohio will chime in.

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I'm growing about 120 garlic plants right now in zone 5 in Wisconsin. This is my first year of trying to grow them seriously. I planted last year around the end of October. It seems I'm about 2 weeks behind most of the growers here, since my plants started growing scapes about 2 weeks ago, but otherwise are fine. It could have been the unusually cold May we had here, also. Anyway, you should be fine for regular garlic.

My elephant garlic was a bit different. It came up much later than my regular garlic, and only about half of it came up. However, it's much bigger that my other garlic and looks very much like a leek. It seems to be doing fine also, but I wonder about growing it in the future if only half come up. From reading this forum I've found out that it's not a "real" garlic and likes warmer weather, so that cold spring may have been the problem, too.


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