hybrid walking onions

donald lucius(4)June 20, 2010

i had walking or egyptian onions for 30 years or more at the farm and the old house. the oldtimers here called them multipliers. we had over 1/2 acre of vegtable garden including. the multipliers along two sides of an old shed.

when i moved closer to town 3 years ago i brought several pots of the onions with me here and do some container gardening in the back yard. at the old place they had crossed with regular onions that we planted from onion sets and seeds. now the plants get over 4 foot tall and have a mixture of red bulblets and white bulblets on top.

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korney19(z6a Buffalo, NY)

So are you saying you just have taller egyptian onions or now you have catawissas (multiple topsets?) Did you originally only have single topsets (Egyptians have 1 layer of topsets and Catawissas have more layers/levels) or no? And what about BELOW ground? do any form huge bulbs like regular onions or are they still resembling just giant green onions? And can you take any pics of both color bulbils?

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donald lucius(4)

i had single top sets before that were white and the height was about 1 to 2 foot tall the bottoms clumped and and top bulblets fell off and formed new plants now they form both red and while bulbs on top and then grow seed heads on top of the bulb stems. i posted a photo on garden container on photo gallery but will attempt to get more pictures today.

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korney19(z6a Buffalo, NY)

Can you post a link to the pics? I e-mailed back to you yesterday but didn't get anything from you since that first e-mail asking what my e-mail was...

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