'Mushy' Onions from sets...Help!

lonmower(zone8 Western Oregon)June 21, 2011

As an "experiment" ...Last late fall I planted some yellow (Walla Walla?) sets. They came up fine and grew throughout our cool wet spring. A few week ago they put up flower shoots which I trimmed off. It is still cool here...today will be in the low 80's. OK, they still look good and are trying to bulb...however every one that I have pulled has a mushy immature bulb.

These are my questions...

1) Am I just being impatient and the bulbs will firm up given more time?

2) If not, what caused this? Like I said this was kind of an experiment.

I could use the space they are in, so if the crop has failed, I will pull them ASAP.

Thanks in advance!


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rain1950(W. WA z8)

Pull them! It appears our La Nina spring has affected many plantings. As a side note; I never plant sets; always 'plants' or direct seeding.

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If you are growing from sets you are growing a plant that has already bulbed but might still be immature enough to be tricked into forming a larger bulb instead of going to seed. Which does not always work because of all of the variables - the handling of the bulbs, timing, weather...
When you first see the flower stalk they are still good as green onions - so planting sets is not a total waste if you can be flexible. I would definately do what rain150 said and pull them - they are spent.

Best of luck!

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Just wanted to add that when I pulled my bolted sets there was a mushy layer that I just pulled off in the sink when cleaning them (it made it easy to clean them up). So there might be something usable on yours.

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Caramelize 'em in a pan & freeze in small amounts for later. Yum!


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