Dropped chopped onions&garlic into ground-expect anything?

tristateJune 25, 2009

My daughter and I are total newbies. I'm trying to do complimentary gardening (in the summer house in NY) and read that animals and pests hate onions and garlic and that we should generously plant both around our garden (with a few exceptions). So last weekend I cut up a couple of supermarket onions and garlic and we just dropped them into the ground. I figured that if they can sprout in my fridge, they can sprout anywhere. When I cut them up I was thinking that maybe the roots of the plants might need some of the original roots so I made sure the onions/garlic were cut in wedges. But other than that, I didn't create a raised bed, didn't prep with phospherous (per websites I've now read) and haven't been around the house to check on them for over a week.

Should we expect anything? It's an experiment that won't cost us more than a couple of pennies but still, it'd be nice to know if we could potentially eat them, however small or pungent they may be!

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I would not really expect them to grow, but if they do there is no reason why you could not eat them.

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