TJG911(z5b CT)June 28, 2007

i've read how people eat their scapes and i'm confused why.

i cooked them 5 minutes - ZERO taste. ok, maybe i over cooked them and all the volotile oils were cooked out.

i cooked them 1 minute - ZERO taste, hummmm

if eaten raw BY THEMSELVES they have flavor. the cut end is mild but as you progress to the top they get hotter... some are wicked hot!

but here's the odd thing, combine the chopped scapes raw into something bland like rice and olive oil - no taste!

i assume everyone elses' scapes are the same so other than eating them raw by themselves why bother?


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suzanne_r(ON Can)

You are right, raw scapes have a very strong taste, but cooked, they are equally flavourful. I baked fish with two scapes among other herbs and the garlic taste was there. Maybe if you boil them, the taste gets diluted in the water?

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