anyone know what these are?

TJG911(z5b CT)June 1, 2006

here in western connecticut around the last week in april for about 3-4 weeks there grows a green leafed plant that tastes like garlic. the leaves are smooth, soft not rigid and a bit crunchy, about 1-2" wide and 4-9" long depending upon how long they grew/when you picked them. the taste is strongly garlic in nature and they are wonderful! we tried to pull some to see if there is a bulb but the leaves just broke off at ground level. we never dug up a plant. they grow wild in the woods or by the roadside in rich forest land prior to the trees leafing out, we even found some around may 14 when trees were almost fully leafed out, in areas varying in size from a few feet across to several dozen of feet. i suspose that depends upon how well established they are. i ate them raw but was told they are excellent cooked with mushrooms. names are local so i saved this for last because i think it is meaningless UNLESS you are in western central CT and use the same name - scapes. these plants are NOT the scapes that grow out of garlic that you grow in your garden. i have grown garlic and know what those scapes are. i did not see any flowers or anything else to describe these.

i assume they are a wild garlic. we have wild garlic and onions but they have thin stalks like tiny onions not flat leaves and grow in tight clusters. anyone know what these are?


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Wild ramps grow in Tennessee and West Virginia.....don't know where else they may be found. You could google ramps and see if they look the same. Wikopedia has a pic and I think they taste like onion and garlic, I don't eat them. We have ramp festivals.

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TJG911(z5b CT)

ugh! i'm an idiot!

RAMPS! yes that's the name not scapes! brain failure!

so you have ramps and obviously called them by the same name as up here.

if you like garlic, if, why don't you eat the ramps? they are very good tasting.


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I think my FIL ruined it for me, lol. He puts them in canned tomato juice and anything else he can think of. And when he thinks a small bit is good he KNOWS tons of it would be better. He did the same thing with celery seed, yuk!

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faithling(z4 VT)

They are called wild leeks in this part of the world but go by lots of names including ramps. They are a delicious first treat of the season and greatly anticipated in our household. Definitely worth digging up the tastey bulbs. The whole plant can be eaten raw or cooked. As with all wild plants, be sure to harvest sustainably.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

The bulbs can be pickled and then make a tasty addition to guacamole, salsas, ketchup, etc. A jar of them will keep in the fridge for ages.

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TJG911(z5b CT)

more replies! great!

how large is the bulb? say the leaves are 7" long i suspect the bulb is small like 1/4"?

do they transplant well? most wildflowers do not transplant well. flowers require specific soil chemistry, sun/shade, drainage/slope, what else? i've tried to move wild flowers for the most part it's not worth it. so do ramps transplant well? i'd love to grow a 20' X 20' patch in my yard. i have full sun to near full shade.

how long are ramps out? since they appear in mid to late april i'm assuming about 3-4 weeks? i'm sure they are gone now due to they'd be in full shade and the heat of summer!



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billme(6 Pennsylvania)

Chefs love 'em.

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