New garden - having trouble growing onions

agmss15(zone 4)June 30, 2013

Hi all - I need onion growing help. I have a fairly new vegetable garden - 21/2 years. I started with typical central Maine soil - rocky and acidic. I have added lime and organic matter. I know it is going to be a few more years before I can expect my soil to be decent. While I was generally pleased with what I harvested both this year and last - I am not doing well with onions. I got a harvest of tiny onions last season. This year I planted seedlings of two types of onions and leeks. I have been watering regularly, side dressed them once. They are green and healthy and growing very very slowly. I looked at my mom's onions yesterday and realized how slow indeed! While it would be nice to get something this fall I am mostly wondering about getting better results next year. Any ideas - more lime, compost??? FWIW Tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squashes, carrots, beans, cabbages, kohlrabi, various greens, lettuces etc.. produced enough to make me happy.

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I followed Dixondale farms instruction for growing onion. Here is the picture of my onion.

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qbush(6, NE MA)

I had the same problem last year with onions from sets, and followed advice to try plants. This years crop is looking much, much better. I have three beds devoted to onions, two of which seem to be having faster, more robust growth. Those beds had beans; one Fortex, one yellow bush (forgot variety) After I had harvested LOADS of beans I cut the vines, chopped them, and dug them back into the soil with relatively fresh horse manure. On one bed I planted a crop of field peas as a cover crop. Tilled in spring, no added fertilizer. Bed with pea cover crop seems to be doing best...

While I can't plant as straight a row as jamesandfely (nice crop guys!!!) I have harvested about ten pounds of reasonably sized Copra from a 20 foot row. Haven't harvested Patterson yet, but they look even better.

All of the above being said I am new to onions, and was advised against some of the things I have done. However gardening as an experience is all about balance. Keep notes and keep trying!

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