When to harvest onions?

pluto1415(6b (NEO))June 8, 2012

I'm fairly new to gardening and this is the first year I've actually had onions make it. I planted sets this year (a little late, not till the end of April).

I keep reading that they are ready to harvest when "the tops fall over". Do they fall over at ground level? Mine were about 18" high, but then the top 6" drooped over. Everything is still quite green, no yellowing, but technically the tops have fallen over. I don't see any signs of onions mounding up or anything, just lots of green foliage.

Any ideas here?

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When the tops are mostly dead to dead.
Almost ready. Harvest

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pluto1415(6b (NEO))

AH! Thank You! Mine don't look even close to being dead.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

I would add that if they've bulbed up, there's nothing wrong harvesting them as you want for fresh use. I've been enjoying some on the grill and some in salads. I have come to plant extra, because we like them in the summer so much!

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howelbama(7 NJ)

A few of mine have fallen over, but the leaves are still quite green. These are some of my red ones, the yellow onions are still standing tall, but have not seemed to bulb up yet. They were transplanted out on 4/15. Should I harvest the ones that have fallen over, or wait a bit longer until the leaves have turned brown?

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If you want them full size and capable of some storage capability, let the leaves die. As has been mentioned you can use the immature onions any time you wish.

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I planted to eat all the large multiplying onions, unless someone has a good reason not too eat them all.
The tops I will replant some now & some in the Fall.

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