newbie to Egyptian Walking Onions

oldpotJune 18, 2009


i read in these forums you can use Egyptian Walking Onions as for green onions(scallions or spring onions as we say in uk ) i was wondering when is the best time to plant them for use of green onions the ones i got are just starting to get bubils forming now on the top could i get a crop of Green onions out of them still this year if i planted some of the bubils when they ripering ?

or do i plant them in sept/oct and let them over winter and get green onions in the spring

also whats best time to use the bulbs at the bottom of the plant for salads or cooking

ty in advance

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Last year I had some really big bubils on a few of my plants. The plants toppled over early July, so I split and planted the bubils to see what would happen. The bubils did grow and I had a nice crop of little onions.

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Hi there can anybody advise or help, i have now bought 4 seperate sets of 'so called egptian walking onions from different people on Ebay, each time nothing has happened. In each case either withered and died or appeared to be ordinary shallots, in each case i bought these items on ebay loathe to buy anymore. Grew these many many years do know what they loolk like, where can i get the genuine article please?

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Why would you pay for something that the kind people on this site, my self included, are happy to give away for the cost of postage?

Everything now is under two feet of snow, but in mid summer, I would be happy to send you some of mine. You may contact me through My Page if you are still interested then.


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