allium flowering time

ianna(Z5b)June 17, 2009

Hi All,

I'm just curious about this phenomenon. I'm in Ontario in an area that's Zone 5b (probably as US zone 4). My alliums (sensation and gladiators) have all bloomed and now are turning to seed. I've observed that in Toronto, a zone 7 area, the same kinds of alliums are just in bloom and are blooming at the same time as the sages and shasta daisies. Mine blooms before the sages and the daisies.

So I'm rather mystified as to why my blooms have come and are now seeding while the blooms in a warmer zone are just now blooming. Does anyone have information on why this occurs.

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I live in Hope BC..cooler in winter and warmer in summer..than say Vancouver BC.not sure of zone as just moved here . My neighbour across the street has 4 gigantic purple alliums that have been open and beautiful for weeks but mine are smaller white ones and just opened about 10 days ago..I wonder if its the type of allium.? Not sure which one I got..

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I live in Kansas and mine bloomed several weeks ago. Seems they always bloom before we get the heat.

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Aren't alliums triggered by the day length? Summer heat isn't here yet in maritime Northwest, but long days are. Differences could be due to microclimate next to building, sidewalk, wind protection, etc. My gardens in at 500' elevation seem about 2 weeks behind -- my dad 15 min. away & daughter 30 min. away in the valley.

Budding: Leek, Egyptian walking onion, native nodding, 'Hair', & another ornamental w/ pink flower.

In bloom: chives

Oxeye daisy blooming on roadsides, but no sage or shasta daisy blooming yet. Late spring flowers still in bloom: ajuga, sweet woodruff, columbine, hardy geraniums... Some of the early summer blooms have started: foxglove, nepeta, Astrantia, & bellflowers.


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