Onion advice

pjdsr(z7 VA)June 2, 2005

I am growing white onions for the first time. I planted back in March and have had good growth in this cool spring. I have probably two dozen plants growing. Yesterday, I noticed 2 of the plants have grown flower heads on the tips. Should I be concerned? Thanks for the advice.

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

It's a common problem when planting onions from sets. Some always think that it's their second year. Break those flower stalks off. Do it as close as you can to where they come up out of the leaf whorl. Otherwise, the plants will stop producing any more bulb and instead will actually take energy out of it.


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gardenlad(6b KY)

I don't think it will matter much, Martin. Virginia is right on the border, and he needs either short day length or day-neutral varieties; not the long day length of commercial sets.

But, certainly, breaking off the flower stalks won't hurt.

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pjdsr(z7 VA)

Thanks so much for the advice.

Can anyone tell me when I should start harvesting here in Zone 7? We have had a very cool, moderately wet spring. But this new pattern is bringing 90 degree heat, so it looks like a quick transition to summer. How will that effect my onions and garlic?

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nanelle_gw(9/Sunset 14)

close as you can to where they come up out of the leaf

Is above true for all alliums, i.e. shallots?

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