Search for the White Potato Onion

mark_fields(z6 MO)June 29, 2006

Yes, once again it is time for me to ask the readers if they have come across the white potato onion in their travels. This onion is now officially extinct in the US. None of the known collections contain them.

If you have stumbled across someone with them, please let me know. I'd be most interested in visiting with them.



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daria(Z5A ME)

Fedco's catalog for 2005-6 has them - hopefully the 2006-7 will too: - click the "Moose Tubers" link then "catalog" or use the PDF direct link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Fedco Catalog

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mark_fields(z6 MO)

A friend ordered some and they are the common yellow skinned potato onions. They didn't make it clear in the catalog which they were.

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lillieinal(z7 al)

hello mark,
no i have had no luck in finding white potato onions. i still think there is people out there growing these onions that have been in their family for years. hope one day to find them.
the henderson topset i got from you did good.took them up this week. thank you again.

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ejohnson44(Z9 Houston)

I went to the Southern exposure site. The question I have is the order for the organic white potato onion is $8 but it doesn't tell you how many you get.
Ernie J

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

1. The white multiplier onions offered in SESE are NOT white potato onions. They are more likely Heritage Sweet according to their catalog description and website picture.

2. Quantity received for $8 is 4 ounces.

3. The only potato onions that SESE has are the yellow ones.


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