Globemaster Seeds

echinaceamaniac(7)June 18, 2008

I have collected Globemaster Seeds and have conflicting info about the seeds being sterile. One article said you can plant the seeds and another said they are sterile. Have any of you planted the seed? I'd hate to waste any time planting sterile seeds!

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msbernard(z4 cental OR)

hi - Globemasters are sterile. ^The way to propagate them is in late summer dig them up. You will find that 1 bulb now has a 2nd bulb attached. Replant the bulbs right away and so on for forever. The bulbs will get larger and larger and as the years roll by so will the number of your bulbs. I started out with 3 bulbs at $35.00 each when they 1st came out and last summer we had 4 5 gallon buckets of them to get in the ground. They are truly a joy to have. I have people who are not gardeners stop by to see what these round flowers are. After blooming I leave the brown flower until the stems get to weak to support them - it adds some garden interest I think. Then when the bloom stalk bends over is when we dig them up. Replant right away to give them a head start on getting settled. in before winter.

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Maybe these aren't Globemaster then. They have tons of seeds in them. The blooms were huge. What other plant could these be? Maybe she was wrong about the variety. Do sterile plants still make seeds?

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large alliums that set seed for me include
purple sensation
and christophii ( star of persia)

from what I've read the PS don't have as good color from seed
and the latter didn't germinate for me but did for my neighbor ( she claims)

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