onion scape?

brigid32June 14, 2007

Several of my onions have a bulb-type flower (not yet open) growing from a long stalk. Is this similar to scapes on garlic? I'm guessing I should cut them off, but do they have a culinary use? Are there recipes for them? Do I cut right at the base of the stalk, or what? I'm growing garlic for the first time also, but no scapes there. so I'm not sure what a scape looks like. (This is my second time with onions, but this didn't happen when I grew them before, as some local wildlife ate the tops of all my onions before they were mature.) Thanks!

--=Brigid in N. CA

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

I let the onions flower just because I have way too many onion plants all over the place, so I don't care if it sets them back. The flowers look nice. I grow them in flower beds, too, people are always asking me what the interesting flower is. :-) The flowers can be pulled from their lump and make a cute and tasty mild onion flavored addition to salads. Onions are totally perennial in my part of WI, so every onion my mother or I planted her just comes back every year if not completely pulled out in the fall.

With garlic, it depends if you have softneck or hardneck. You can tell when the scape forms. I think on softneck they look like of like onion flowers, not sure. On hardneck garlic they form really cool pointy swooping things that look swanlike in their curve. I grow some garlic in a flower bed and let it form scapes because they are so cool looking. In the garden I am just about to remove them, was just reading up on the process here before I do it. Was probably supposed to do it sooner as soon as I noticed them forming.


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Well, This the first year we have grown Shallots. I cut off the scape when it formed a bud( just like with GARLIC)
I've pulled maybe a handful of shallots so far and they are the size they should be. Thisd would be a good experiment for next years crop.

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we were given an onion-type vegetable that the local person called 'scapes'. However it's 'leaves' were more like those of a tulip, and the oblong bulbs had less of a 'bite' than one would expect from an onion. Not garlicky either. I wonder what we were eating.

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