Flies on chive blossoms, no damage.

silverwind(z5 IL)June 10, 2011

I've looked and looked and I'm not certain they're actual onion flies, there's dozens of them and they look like classic houseflies (not the 'greyish' version of them I see referenced). I wouldn't be surprised if they're just plain ol' flies, the field across the street has several dumptruck loads of manure they leave in piles to just sit every year. And the 'little' flies from that look the same, and always grow to 'normal' houseflies, which is still disgusting and obnoxious.

Anwyay. Just as of this morning the blossoms are swarming with these things. I'm seeing no other evidence of other damage to the plants, none at all. The leeks, candy onions and egyptian onions are all healthy and unaffected completely. There is no real damage I can find on the chives to the greens or the bases.

All I have found in my searching so far is to spray 'em with chemical, or to burn them. I'm not wanting to write off the potfuls if there's no real reason to?

Anyone with experience here able to help me out? Do I take the safe road and get rid of four large pots of chives I've had for years?? Or just harvest them (which I'd planned on anyway) and get rid of the blossoms, which are fading out so it's no real loss to me? I've no qualms about cutting them all down and waiting longer for another harvest; I don't need that much usually and will probably just dry/freeze whatever I don't whip into butter or cream cheese.

I just want the flies gone. They're RIGHT at the back door. Ew.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Why botter. Flying insects are good polinators. I didn't know that common flies like nectars. But for sure they like sweet tasing thing to nible on.

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