Does hard-neck garlic always send up a scape?

firstyearJune 15, 2009

A friend of mine works on a farm and last fall gave me a head of hard-neck garlic from the farm. I thought to plant it rather than eat it at the time and see what I would get. The bottom most leaves have started to yellow in the last week, but there is no sign of scapes yet. I decided to gently dig down around a couple of the stalks and both were definitely bulbing. I'm guessing they'll probably be ready to harvest within the next couple weeks, but thought it was strange that none of the 9 plants had sent up scapes yet. This is my first time planting garlic, so wasn't sure if anyone else had similar experiences.

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None of my hardneck garlic sent up scapes (I live in a warm area that hardneck garlic does not really like) and I got bulbs and cloves on some of them.

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