Best Garlic Seed for your Buck?

obrionusa(5)June 21, 2011

Just wondering where everyone is getting their garlic seed this year. I loved growing it so much I'm going to grow more. Last year I bought off Travis and he gave me great advice regardless of his disease. I never met him, but miss him already!

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I use Karen & Mike ( Great quality, wonderful people, and they sell by the bulb.


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TomNJ, it seems that their web page hasn't been updated this year. Do you know if they will have any garlic for sale this fall?

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Yes, they will begin offering this year's crop around mid-July. They sell out of popular varieties fast, so watch the website, or request to be notified when the garlic is ready for ordering.


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Do you know how much they sell it for. I have seen prices as high as $22 pound. I tried to email them and havent heard from them.

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The price is per bulb and depends on the bulb size. Last year, very large bulbs (2.5"+) were $2.90 each. If you figure about six large bulbs per pound that comes to about $17.50/lb - pretty typical of Internet prices. Their bulb quality is superb!

You may be able to buy cheaper from local farmers, but your variety choice will be very limited, usually just 2-4 varieties. Karen & Mike offer something like 150 different varieties.

I have always had very fast replies from Karen to my emails, but this is harvest time so they may be very busy.


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Has anyone heard of South Road Garlic Farm?

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