Super hot garlic varieties

lorabell NC(8)June 5, 2013

This is my first year of successfully growing garlic. I failed miserably last year trying to grow hardnecks down here in NC. I have about 20 varieties this year, mostly creoles and softneck artichoke type. Most as super mild to medium at best.

I'm looking to get a hot and superhot that would work down here. I did have a little success with monviso but the bulbs are really small...don't know if that is normal as I can't find good info on that variety.

Sooo, what are everyones favorite hots/superhots...
Appreciate it.

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lorabell NC(8)

Oh well.....

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

Do not know if the hotties I grow in coastal NoCal would work for you, but you seem to need a reply so here I go:

German Red and Korean Red seem pretty hot to me, one is a softneck the other a hardneck. The Music tastes hotter than some of the others I grow. Of course, all are hotter when fresh than when they get older and start to dry out.

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Might want to try Chinese Purple or Tzan, both are Turbans and should do ok. My favorite is Russian Inferno, not a big garlic. Will knock your socks off! Is an Asiatic but only seed supplier that provides it is We Grow Garlic in Wisconsin. Should grow ok for you. You might also look into Asian Tempest another Asiatic. Ajo Rojo is a creole that I really like and is considered strong. I have grown all of those successfully and I plant in 8b.

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lorabell NC(8)

CoachJohn, thanks for your suggestions. The Russian inferno sounds perfect along with Asian Tempest. I grew a brown tempest and Ajo Rojo this year and sure would like one a few shades hotter ...I've got hope now! Off to We Grow Garlic.
Stil krill, thanks for your reply. I replyed to my message just to get it moving...hated it at the top.;;oh well.

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Metechi is one that is hot and has done well for me.

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