zemmaj(z5 QC CAN)June 26, 2006


I left the scapes on my garlic last year, unknowingly. Afterwards, not only did I learn it hindered growth, I also learned how good they are. This year, I have been checking on them and they weren't there, and suddenly, it seems they were there for over a week and somehow I missed them. I chewed on a raw one and it's a bit hard. Will cooking them make them edible or am I too late already. Also, anyone with a good canning recipe for them, I have thousands. I already asked the harvest forum but if any of you have one, I would appreciate it.



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garliclady(z7 NC)

You didn't say if they are just hard(crisp) or woody. They are typically crunchy and do soften up when cooked if they seem woody try snaping the end like you do asparegus. sometimes the end (that was connected to the plant) has started turning woody but the part near the flower is still tender. they will keep for weeks before going bad so you may be able to use alot of them. Also making pesto's to freeze will use alot up.
We had thousands too and harvested our first in late april and our last in early June. We still have scapes that are fresh. I plan to go thru the last 14 lbs we have and choose those that are still tender for selling at our farmers market Sat . the rest will be dried and become scape powder

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