Perennial Onions?

cougiecat(8b)June 12, 2008

Are there any onions that will stay a bulb if left in the ground? I would like to have an onion patch that I can always go to for dinner, but I know that probably wouldn't work with the biennial onions.

Walking onions are cool for onion greens, but I can't imagine caramelizing the bulbils. Would potato onions work for a permanent onion patch?

Also I read that some (not all) grocery store green onions are potato onions. Has anyone tried growing green onions? I've only found potato onions for sale at one place online, and I'd rather take advantage of a grocery store find if I can.

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I would doubt that grocery store onions would provide a perennial onion bed.

I am growing this year for the first time Walking onions(Egyptian), and two types of multiplier onions(Potato and Evergreen bunching) and shallots. These three appear to be good choices for a perennial onions bed.

Other choices might be:
White Muliplier Onion -
Yellow Multiplier Onion -

Here is a nice mix from SESE:

You might consider Shallots, they multiply and I just purchased them from the store and planted them.


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