Rescued Garlic. Now what?

rebecca12(OR 8)June 3, 2007

Today while helping my grandma weed her backyard I saw that she had pulled a garlic plant. Mainly we were bagging the weeds. She pulled it before I got there. Don't know exactly where it came from. I really like garlic. I told her if she didn't want I'd like it. Well, now it's resting on my parents backporch. All I have is the bulb and a seed pod.

The weather has been mildly hot, humid and somewhat dry during the day. As for the night it cools off some but still is somewhat humid.

I've never really done any gardening and would like advice on my first go around. I would like to pot them and not plant them in a garden. As the soil at my place is mercury heaven.

I have gone through and looked up things on garlic but can't seem to figure out somethings.

Here are my questions retainning to the 'rescued garlic':

What type of potting soild do I need to plant it/them in? Is there a special type or just any old potting soil?

Are they fine to plant now or should I put them somewhere and wait? If wait than how should I store them?

Is there anything I should read/whatever about garlic? If so what?

Anything else I should know about garlic?

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penguingardener is a good source of info on growing garlic and getting some interesting varieties to grow.


"Yes, you can grow garlic in pots! Plant cloves in a good size pot and after several months harvest decent sized bulbs. And here is a trick from Chinese chefs...plant the cloves in a mixture of rock and sand (like paperwhites) and keep well watered. As the green shoots grow to 6-8 inches, start snipping off the green shoots for a delicious green garlic garnish for all kinds of food. The plants will keep producing for many weeks!"

Here is a link that might be useful: The Garlic Store

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