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beebiz1960(6)July 31, 2010

Other than knowing how good it is to eat, I know very, very little about garlic!

Long story short and to the point, in April of this year, a friend of mine sent me 3 types of garlic... wild garlic (grows in the wild here in TN) and two types that my friend forgot the names of... long ago. The wild garlic is seeds only. The other two are seeds and cloves. Each variety was put in a plastic, fold over (not zipper type) sandwich bag. And, they were mailed in a bubble wrap envelope.

I completely forgot about the garlic until I found it a couple of hours ago. It was sitting in my computer room behind some other "stuff." And, it was still in the baggies inside the envelope. I took everything out and looked at it.

With the exception of 2 cloves that have 1/4 inch or so sprouts sticking out of the tops, the cloves look and "feel" like they are fine. All of the seeds from the two "other" types of garlic appear to be fine. But, somewhere around 20% to 30% of the wild garlic seeds have rotted! :>(

Going by what I have read on this forum, sometime in the latter part of September would probably be the appropriate time to plant this garlic out. Is that right?

If so, what should I do with this garlic to try and save what I have so I can plant it out in two months?

Or, given the current condition of the wild garlic seeds, should I go ahead and plant them? If so, what should I do with all the other seeds and cloves?

I really wanted this wild garlic more than I wanted the others. But, I don't have a clue as to what to do. So, please help me out! And, being that I'm brand new to growing garlic (haven't grown any... yet), please be nice!

Thank you in advance for any help you all can give me!!


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The wild garlic could be one of a number of different plants, some of them can be noxious weeds - I'd try planting some of the 'seeds' in pots and see what happens. Keep it confined to a pot until you can identify it and determine if it's well-behaved enough to put in the ground.

If the other garlic isn't rotten, it should grow. Late sept would probably be okay to put it out, but the timing isn't very critical other than before the ground freezes.

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Thank you soooo much for your reply, promethean_spark!!!

I will take your advice and plant some of the wild garlic in a pot. But, since I know so little about garlic, I don't imagine I will be able to identify it. How would you recommend me getting it identified... maybe taking a couple of pictures of it once it is growing well and post them here?

As for the other garlic... I separated all of the cloves and threw the rotten cloves out. All of the remaining cloves had sprouts that ranged from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch. In an attempt to stop or at least slow the growth of the sprouts, I put the cloves in the refrigerator. Was this the right thing to do? Or, should I have done something else with them for a few weeks?

Thanks so much for your input!! I'm sorry to bother everyone with my questions. But, it's the only way I know of to learn when I can't find the answers anywhere else that I have looked!

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