Christmas, and cat in the bath

jacqueline9CADecember 22, 2013

Totally off topic - just had to share for your amusement. This evening we are having the first of 4 vrs family Christmas celebrations (we are luckily, only hosting 2 of them) at our house. Only 6 people this time. Then on Christmas Eve we are doing it again, with 12 people. So, I have been trying to figure out things like how to fit a leg of lamb and vrs side dishes, and a large turkey (which I have to pick up today for the 24th) into our fine-for-two-people sized refrigerator. DH got out our camping cooler, into which I put various things from the frig not needed right is working out. Last night I had to banish all 3 cats from the living room and clean it again, and sticky roller all of the upholstery, because my niece is VERY allergic to cats (when they come for dinner the cats have to be locked into the back porch, where they have every cat comfort you can imagine. They spend the entire time being martyred, and glare at me through the window into the kitchen).

Anyway, first thing this morning I got up and took a nice long bath in our nice deep bathtub, to prepare for the day. My largest, longest & thickest haired cat jumped up on the ledge of the bath as usual. Then she slipped and fell all the way in! I had to help her out, and managed to grab hold of her before she could run away and spread water everywhere. One of our large bath towels was also in reach, so there I was, still in the bath, with the cat just outside, madly scrubbing her tummy (which has incredibly thick fur and was thoroughly soaked) with the towel, to the tune of various rude remarks and threats from her. What a way to start the day!


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Jackie, what a story! I almost spilled my morning coffee reading it. Things can only get better from here. And as a side effect your furriest cat may temporarily be at a low-allergy-inducing state, depending on just how wet she got.

Wishing you (and your all party guests) a truly wonderful Christmas.


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joining in as this is already off topic - had to put down 16 year old cat Duke in October, I lasted exactly three days before I was at the shelter looking at "senior" cats, came home with "The Fluff Ninja" (had been owned by a young man). 4 lbs 11 oz, 9 years old and very sick. Two weeks later, and after the vet care she needed, "Fluffy" (sorry canNOT call a cat "Ninja") weighted in at 6 lbs plus, and is now over 7 lbs, and happy. So is my geriatric dog GG, who loves cats and missed old Duke.
It is a coincidence that GG the dog is a short haired black and orange mutt - and Fluff is a very longhaired black and orange old girl. At least I think it is.
Fluff has many good traits - not least of which is she leaves the houseplants and Christmas tree alone! She does, however, feel the need to groom my hair. At 3 AM.

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seil zone 6b MI

Oh dear, wet, angry cat is not a good way to start the day, Jackie! I hope it's going up from there.

Sunnyside, sorry to hear about your loss but I think you did the right thing to adopt a homeless cat!

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

That's really funny Jackie.

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titian1 10b

Great story (though one of those that isn't as good at the time!), and glad to hear another unwanted animal has found a good home.

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catsrose(VA 6)

I have to tie my Christmas tree to a hook in the ceiling so the cats won't knock it over when climbing it. And the bottom tier has only unbreakable ornament, including a set of plastic balls which they are free to knock off and chase around the room. Gotta run with the current...

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Jackie and Sunny, thanks for the Christmas cat stories. Sunny, I'm glad you've given a home to a cat that needed it. Your dog sounds like a sweet animal, too (my dog has known our cats all his life, and he still chases them). Sounds like it's going to be a merry Christmas at your houses, for man and beast both.

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Update on Emmy (who fell into the bath). After spending the day in her favorite bed in the sun next to the window in the back porch, Emmy was finally all dry, and so needed combing. I combed her all over, to her annoyance, but then she was fluffy and gorgeous! Of course, when our guests came she and her 2 sisters were banished to the back porch. Our 6 year old great nephew kept coming into the kitchen to look at the kitties through the window. ...well, of course somehow mysteriously Emmy got out of the back porch, and was suddenly running through the living room. I chased her and caught her, with my niece meanwhile running to the other side of the room (she really is severely allergic) and everyone up and startled. Emmy was put back in the back porch (which is walled and glassed in), and it was a struggle, because both of her sisters thought this was a good opportunity for them to escape also. Funny, they sit or lie out there voluntarily all of the time, but being forced to be there is, of course, for cats, unacceptable. When everyone had left at 11PM and I opened the door to let them out, all three of them ran out as fast as they could (usually they are not at all that active!), so I almost tripped over them, and ran into the living room to see what they had missed, and Emmy got under the Christmas tree and started chewing and playing with various ribbons on the packages - cats are always amusing, and keep me laughing all of the time!


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Whenever there is conversation abt. cats, I just can't resist joining it! Last week I took my senior fur-ball Ragamuffin long-hair ( Angel) to the vet for her senior (age 16) exam... she came out w/flying colors, but needed dental-work, the vet cleaned and then extracted 3 teeth...when I checked out w/her, the vet presented me w/a small baggie, it contained the 3 teeth! they are so tiny! I guess my Angel will put them under her pillow for the tooth-fairy!! I now have 4 inside, 3 long-hair Ragamuffins and a Siamese, and 3 outside part-wild kitties, each one an individual full of personality, couldn't do without it....sally

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I love cats. Have you considered how lucky you are, Jackie, that a cat fell into the tub with you and YOU came out all right? I mean, with no major injuries.

There's your Christmas miracle.

Happiest of Holidays!!!

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