how do I grow an edelweiß

xxedelweissviiJanuary 13, 2006

I just bought 200 edelweiss seeds and I need to know how to grow them out of a pot so I can have them in my house.

-Should I plant all 200 seeds in the same pot?

-How do I go about putting the seeds in the pot and watering them correctly?

-What's the best soil to use?

-How many times a day should I water the seeds?

-should I put the pot in a widow seal for light?

Alexander Raschdorf

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Germination is easy. Sow on the surface and keep at around 50F. Don't allow the surface of the soil to dry out until after the seeds have germinated. Either spray regularly or keep covered with glass or plastic.

200 seeds would be more than enough for a large seedtray, just 5 or 10 in a pot. You could even just sow three and kill any more than one that come up, if you only want a single plant.

Good light is important, full sun is good if you keep the plants cool.

Hmmm .... I just see that you are in the desert, not a good place for this plant. It will probably need to grow indoors in an air-conditioned room and even then might not be too happy. Maybe an east window so it is protected from sun in the afternoon but still has bright light. Maybe you will just grow it as a winter annual?

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