It wont stop raining...

ajames54(5)July 31, 2014

...and my garlic should have been lifted this week.

This is the first year I've ever grown more than half a dozen cloves of garlic, and judging by the state of the leaves I should be lifting it but it has been too wet. We have had wet and cold weather for the last ten days and are supposed to expect the same for at least the next seven.

Is there something I should or could be doing at this point?
Some special way to cure the cloves if I have to pick it from wet soil?

Or should I just be patient for a couple weeks...

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Last year it wouldn't stop raining here and I had to pull my garlic from muddy soil. There was a wheelbarrow full of rainwater, so I swished the roots through it figuring they were already wet, so why not? I would normally never do this, but it got the mud off and the garlic cured and stored as well as it usually does. Good luck! I wouldn't leave it in the mud tho.

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I agree with planatus. About the washoff part too; they are already wet anyway. Just take special care to provide ample air circulation during curing.

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Thanks for the comments, that's a big relief. Fortunately I've got a good place to cure them once I get them up.

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