What kind of onions do I have

oldmikeJuly 15, 2009

About 35 years ago a co-worker gave me a bag of onion sets. He said they were multipliers. They make good green onions and then make a cluster of onion sets at the top of the stalk. If you harvest the sets you can make more green onions next year and if you leave them on the stalk the patch spreads. I looked up multipliers but the picture shows a flower type cluster on the top of the stalk and the onion seems to multiply at the bulb in the ground. Two years ago the onions developed yellow spots on the stalks that then turned brown, then black. the tops never made very sturdy sets and the patch is looking terrible. Other plants in the same area seem to thrive with no apparent disease. Cutting the stem open shows no bugs and the bulb, if cut shows no problem. Another gardener about 2 miles away has the same variety of onion - he doesn't know the variety either. His patch is healthy and I got sets from him last fall, Planted them in another area but this summer the patch has the same problem - possibly a fungus. I have other regular red and green onions, and leeks in the same area and they are unaffected. Anyone know what the onions are and more important what is the problem? - Local farm bureau couldn't help either

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You have described the top setting onion, sometimes called the walking onion. There are several cultivars with Egyptian and Caterwissa among the easiest t o find. This is the Egyptian

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