cleocrafta(z4 MN)July 21, 2013

I planted store bought garlic last fall that I purchased at Sam's club. It didn't give the name of the garlic but stated it was grown in Florida. It has grown nicely, tall stalks. On all the plants, the main largest stalk has bulged about 3-4
inches above the ground. These bulges have split to reveal small bulblets. My questions - do I remove these now to encourage larger bulb production, are these bulblets edible, and can they be used as planting stock this fall? Any idea what type of garlic this is? When originally purchased, the cloves were very nice, big & firm with good flavor. I'm pleased they grew and am anxious to see how the underground bulb matures. Thanks, A Garlic Newbie

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if it looks like the garlic in the link below, your garlic is most likely an artichoke variety.
yes the bulbils are edible and can be replanted in autumn. It will take a couple of years before they grow into large bulbs - you may only get rounds the first year.

Here is a link that might be useful: this post

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I Agree. The bulbils or bulbets is planted will grow into a single clove round garlic, aka ONION GARLIC. I have heard that a lot of Chinese like that because you only peel off one wrap instead of 8, 10. I like that idea too.

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