onions are small any suggestions

sifuz(z5 Illinois)July 20, 2009

I planted candy onions (which I know are not suppose to get huge) but they are a lot smaller then last year. I planted small plants, not seeds. Are there any suggestions for what I should do to increase their size? We had a lot of rain this spring and early summer and it has been rather cool. I would think that would help them.

Fertilizer is the same I used last year. Do I need a cover crop over the area during the winter to build up the soil?



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Aren't they delish, Andre? What was the size range for this years crop? Last year's? Also, do you remove soil to half expose the bulb as it expands? Rotate? What fertilizer? No weeds? Raised beds?

This summer I trialed nine kinds of sweet onions: Dixondale samplers for short, intermediate and longday, to see the variance in growth in my non-raised bed soil (intermediate zone). 90% of these were spaced 5-6" apart. The thinnest plants were spaced at 2". My largest Candy were 4.5"; average was 3".

For some reason, the three white varieties were the largest (maybe due to the many rains), The least, quality wise, was Walla Walla, which had great size and mild flavor, but sometimes had a soft decaying 'second layer' though a 4" size. Overall, the reds were the smallest (2-3" average), and the strongest flavored.

Of interest was the 2" spaced row, where all grew til touching the next one and then leaned outward to increase size. Most of these were 2" or even 3". I had removed very few for fresh eating.

All harvested and drying on screens. Now observing which store the longest. I froze 25# with the thickest necks. Already planning next year's onions and will go back to raised beds for them.

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sifuz(z5 Illinois)

They are great tasting buy rather small most of mine were 4-5" this year 2-3". Here are the stats
Also, do you remove soil to half expose the bulb as it expands? A little but they were covered with mulch

Rotate? Nope I did not do that (although I assume I should have)

What fertilizer? organic 10-20-10
No weeds? some weeds

Raised beds? Not raised bed in ground. Should they be in a raised bed?


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