Onions soft at neck

gardenvtJuly 18, 2012

I am growing Ailsa Craig and Red Zeppelin onions. Some have had leaves turn brown so I harvested them early. Some of the onions are now bent over at the neck though the foliage is still green.

We had a bad storm last night and I found even more bent at the neck. This is way to early for Ailsa and Zeppelin even with this crazy heat and dry weather we've had. Or is this the problem?

Should I harvest them and let them dry?

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

You don't say if they have developed large onion bulbs or not. If they have, and they are falling over, they are finishing up and all is well.
Onions usually stay green after falling, the shouldn't turn yellow/brown like garlic until after harvesting.
If this is the case, let them sit for another week to finish sizing up and then harvest.

However, if they haven't bulbed but are falling, you do have a problem.

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They definitely have bulbs that are of a decent size but these onions shouldn't be ready to harvest until mid to late August - 104-110 days from transplant. Also, Ailsa shold be a pretty large onion and these are of average size.

So, perhaps the weather has caused them to think they are done early?

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