Garlic rotting?

hobo_42July 29, 2010

My fresh garlic (cured for about 3 wks on a rack with a fan blowing on it) looks like it may be rotting in the skin.

On the surface it looks perfect--the papers are white and the cloves seem firm. But when I peel the papers back, the skin closest to the clove is reddish-brown streaked and tough. It feels moist and the clove inside is mushy and discolored, though not the entire clove, only about half of it. I found one which seemed like it may have mold in between the reddish-brown papers.

Does it need to be dried longer? Or do i have something more serious here?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Sounds like they have a problem.

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It could be that your garlic wasn't ready to be pulled. You can of course harvest garlic any time after the bulbs form, but normally (for keeping garlic) you wait until the tops have fallen over and the stalks are mostly (some say 70% as a guide) dry. Then pull them up. Where I live people (including farmers with big fields of garlic) pull the garlic and let it dry in the field for some time. So it seems like that is the most likely problem.

If you want to harvest early, you need to use the garlic up quickly. They sell "green" garlic at the Farmer's Market near me and I have purchased it with very good luck, but I didn't keep it long :D.

Good luck.

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