Garlic turning brown but no bulbs or scapes?

lbolanz(z6NY)July 1, 2005

Hello everyone!

This is such a great forum! I hope you will be patient with me as I've had a somewhat questionable first year of planting garlic.

Last fall, I planted a few heads of soft and hardneck (the 4-variety garden pack from Filaree, Chinook, Killarney Red, Polish white and one other). They all rotted or were stolen by squirrels. I discovered this when the snow melted in March.

I had some cloves left that had miraculously survived in a paper bag in my pantry, so planted them in March.

They sprouted and were doing fine until I went on vacation for 10 days and we didn't have much rain. Everything got a little crispy. I have since resumed watering and feeding, but none of my hardnecks, have scapes (shouldn't they by now?) and the outer leaves are brown.

Poking around, I discovered "rounders" only. Should I just pull them once the leaves turn 1/2 brown and save them for replanting, or could the brown be from the dryness, and they will eventually catch up?

Live and learn--I will be much better at it the second year!


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gardenlad(6b KY)

March may have been a little late. I'm also in zone 6, and fall-planted garlic starts regrowing in February.

Were it me I'd havest and cure the rounders, then replant them this fall for a crop next year.

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